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Digital ID and Authentication for Citizen Engagement with Surrey School District Case Study
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Research March 19, 2021



On October 8th we hosted a “Thinking Beyond the Open House” panel with Andrea Winkler (Metro Vancouver), James Cheng (James Cheng Associates), Paul Wilting (Metro Vancouver), and Ray Wolfe (Stantec). At this event, we considered how P2 professionals can work with Architects and Engineers to have more meaningful public and stakeholder engagement processes.


On April 28th we co-presented a networking event with members on the Island that featured Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and her staff team speaking about engagement strategy and budget processes.


On May 5th we hosted a panel discussion in partnership with Planning Institute of BC about Emotion and Outrage in planning scenarios.


You can also view a 2014 video on getting past the usual suspects in public participation below.